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About Our Agency.

What is our mission?
Our Tech Mission: To make edges bleed more profusely.
Someone Important
RolBAC has developed a range of B2B and B2C products for clients Rolonews (Rolonews LP) and ThinCats (Business Loan Network Ltd). The complexity of our work requires us to have high expectations when it comes to the calibre of our developers.
Our expertise is versatile which allows us to tackle different technologies as we cherish the challenge to create new products and IT solutions where we can grow along with our clients and constantly build on our success.

Our Works.

Who do we do?
Our clients:


News Publishing


Rolonews LP is a bespoke news and information network with social interaction. It is both global and local and has news content collected aggregated, abridged, cleaned, catagorised, localised, personalised and presented to members to read, use and contribute through messaging and citizen journalism. Through its web publishing offering it allows other publishers, independent journalists, organisations, trade associations and companies to feature and publish their news in an unlimited way, thereby adding to the news and information mix Rolonews members can browse. It is the first digital news site to geo locate and track readers, allowing them not only to receive news and information, matching their specific interests and geography, it also enables them to contribute to the news pot by submitting news and information.

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Financial Services


ThinCats provides digital peer-to-peer secured business loans ranging between £50K and £1million plus. It links experienced investors with established business borrowers to provide an alternative to banks. ThinCats uses Software, created and developed in house.

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Grab IT.

We are always looking for good Java developers and we are actively recruiting. Rolbac is a great company to work for, if you love a challenge and are looking to feed your creativity.

Java Developer

What are you going to do:

Day-to-day design, development, unit testing, and maintenance of web applications.
Conduct performance testing of application and UI components.


Strong working knowledge of Java or other Object Oriented Languages.
Demonstrated ability to think critically and creatively to develop innovative solutions to software problems.
Familiar with software engineering practices (e.g., reading/generating software specs, design patterns, continuous integration).

Preferred Skills

WebObjects/Wonder Framework.
Experience with version control, unit testing, and builds.
Data Warehousing.

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Who are we?


Unit 14 Elysium Gate, 126 New King's Road, SW6 4LZ London


Support: +44 (207) 7318541 (10am - 6pm)

Top notch place, amazing people working there. Keep up the good work.

@Danny, 10 min ago